Lonesome valley

22 10 2011

Avec Mississippi John Hurt. Toute seule c’était trop intimidant.

It is especially for you Rachel.  And also the lapidary poem under:

Best Gains – must have the Losses’ test -
To constitute them – Gains -

Emily Dickinson



4 réponses à “Lonesome valley”

  1. 22 10 2011
    Rachel (19:41:18) :

    I just found your blog… I’m going to learn so much here. I love the recording! What a great idea to record yourself this way. I play John Hurt in the car and sing along with him often while driving to and from work, this song in particular, which I’ve known for as far back as I can remember. I’m feeling inspired to go look for a microphone…

  2. 22 10 2011
    lagiravolta (20:09:40) :

    Part of my boldness exercices… yes, of course, now you ought to buy this microphone, to record yourself just as I have done, pleaaase! Can you play the guitar and sing? I’ve never been able to do that. I wish I had a friend who could play the guitar while I would sing. I have just a friend who plays cello, that’s not perfect for the blues…

  3. 23 10 2011
    Rachel (07:04:40) :

    * Drop off car at Honda (Done)
    * Pick up car (Done)
    * Grocery shopping for next week :-( (DONE!)
    * Laundry, since I have to go back to work on Monday :-( (Done)
    * Clean up garden beds for winter (Not done–I have all winter!)
    * Call parents (Uhhhhh… that can wait.)
    * Clean house (Oh, it’s not that bad yet!)
    * Change strings on guitar (Done!)
    * Read USB microphone reviews (Check)
    * Order microphone (Done! Should be here by Wednesday, thanks to Amazon Prime, the perfect solution for people like me who HATE shopping…)

    Someday I would really like to hear the blues with cello accompaniment…

  4. 24 10 2011
    Angèle - Shimikah (12:31:01) :

    Hey tu chantes vraiment bien !!!!
    C’est dommage qu’il y est la voix du chanteur, ça gache la tienne !!!
    Un plaisir de découvrir ta voix de cette manière là :) .
    Je répond très vite à ton mail !

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